Galaxis with Zirconium Inlays
and Hidden Screw Construction

Auction Over
Thank you bidders

- Please see pictures below -

🔺 Galaxis Model - 6AL-4V Titanium integral frame
🔺 Bohler M390 blade; cryo and triple temper @62.5RC
🔺 Zirconium dual thumblugs
🔺 20 Pin 6-4 Titanium pivot assembly with recessed Zirconium inlays with aligned satin faces
🔺 Zirconium 6 pin drive inlay screws
🔺Hidden screw Zirconium handle inlays on front and back
🔺Hidden screw 6-4 Titanium clip with Zirconium inlay
🔺 Custom hidden 6-4 Titanium clip screws
🔺 Custom takedown tools with matching Zirconium inlays
🔺 Handle Length: 4.75"
🔺 Blade Length: 3.75"
🔺 Overall Length: 8.5"
Auction Info:
🔺 Knife is up for auction ONE DAY ONLY
🔺Auction ends on FRIDAY, May 28th at 8:40pm CDT
🔺Bids can be made through the Instagram "bid here" post or by emailing
🔺 $100 increments please
🔺 5 minute anti-snipe rule

In the past we unfortunately had a false bid.
To better protect everyone we will be contacting anyone who places a bid
and is not a known person in the knife community before accepting the bid.