FNBA 2021 SILENT Auction

Zirconium and 24K Gold Inlays
Hidden Screw Construction

Auctioned at Show
Friday, Oct. 22nd

- Please see pictures below -

🔺 Starlit Model - 6AL-4V Titanium integral frame
🔺 Bohler M390 blade with swedge; cryo and triple temper @62.5RC
🔺 Zirconium dual thumblugs
🔺 Recessed Zirconium inlayed pivot with aligned satin grain, 
surrounded by seven 24K gold recessed inlays
🔺Satin grain Zirconium handle inlay with hidden screw construction and
micro-groove weight reduction pockets on interior
🔺 14 integral bosses in frame (7 per side) each inlayed with 24K gold and mirroring each other.
These inlays have been precisely and permanently mechanically fixed into each boss by an
undercutting, pressing, and peening method. Each one being slightly more elongated than the previous.
🔺Hidden screw 6-4 Titanium clip with satin grain Zirconium inlay
🔺 Signature "hidden" under clip
🔺 Custom hidden 6-4 Titanium clip screws
🔺 Matching custom takedown wrenches inlayed with satin grain Zirconium 
and each having two bosses inlayed with 24K gold

🔺 Thirty-Two 24K gold inlays in total
🔺 Handle Length: 4.25"
🔺 Blade Length: 3.3"
🔺 Overall Length: 7.55"
Auction Info:
🔺 Knife is up for auction AT SHOW ONLY
🔺 Auction ends on FRIDAY, Oct. 22nd
🔺 SILENT Auction