Open Bid

Auction Starts - March 16th 11AM EST

Auction Ends - March 17th 5PM EST


🔺 Starlit Model - 6AL-4V Titanium integral frame
🔺 CarboQuartz Frame, Pocket Clip, Pivot, Screw, Takedown tool inlays
🔺 Custom Pivot Pin - micro ellipse pockets with chamfers and recessed inlay
🔺 Custom Pivot Screw - micro ellipse pockets with chamfers and recessed inlay
🔺Zirconium Dual Thumblugs
🔺 Precision hardened stainless pivot bushing with phosphor bronze washers
🔺 Custom Zirconium inlay screws - Ellipse Drive & Clocked
🔺Custom 6-4 Titanium clip screws - Ellipse Drive & Clocked
🔺 Bohler M390 blade steel at 62 RC; long cryo soak and triple temper
🔺 Hidden Signature 
🔺 Matched Pivot Takedown tool 1:1 scale
🔺Matched screw tool 1:2 scale

🔺 3.11 OZ
🔺 Handle Length: 4.25"
🔺 Blade Length: 3.3"
🔺Overall Length: 7.55"
Auction Info:
🔺 Ends SATURDAY March 17th at 5:00pm EST with 5-Minute "anti-snipe" rule
🔺 $100 bid increments, please.
🔺 Bids can be sent through
    🔻 Email: (please title your email OPEN BID)
    🔻 Instagram DM or post (@michaelraymondknives)
🔺 We will keep this page as well as Instagram updated as best we can with the current bid price

Check out the Instagram video of the knife
and the video of the custom tools