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🔺 Galaxis Model - 6AL-4V Titanium integral frame
🔺 CarboQuartz Frame, Pocket Clip, Pivot, Screw, Screwdriver inlays
🔺 Satin finished bossed micro milled through vents
🔺 Custom Pivot Pin - micro pockets with chamfers and recessed inlay
🔺 Custom Pivot Screw - micro pockets with chamfers and recessed inlay
🔺 Precision hardened stainless pivot bushing with phosphor bronze washers
🔺 CarboQuartz inlays exit on frame spine
🔺 Tanto Bohler M390 blade steel at 61.5-62 RC; long cryo soak and triple temper
🔺 Hidden Signature and titanium island for pocket clip foot
🔺 Inhouse made 6al-4v titanium pocket clip screws
🔺 Inhouse made Zirconium CarboQuartz inlay torx screws
🔺 Matched integral Pivot Disassembly screwdriver
🔺 4.48 OZ
🔺 HL: 4.75"
🔺 BL: 3.75"
Auction Info:
🔺 Ends THURSDAY December 21st at 10:30pm EST with 5-Minute "anti-snipe" rule
🔺 $100 bid increments, please.
🔺 Bids can be sent through
    🔻 Email: (please title your email OPEN BID)
    🔻 Instagram DM or post (@michaelraymondknives)
🔺 We will keep this page as well as Instagram updated as best we can with the current bid price

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