*** Jigged Starlit ***

Drawing Over

Thanks to everyone who entered the drawing.
We are truly humbled by the amount of interest we received and appreciate each one of you individually

- additional pictures below -


🔺 Starlit Model - 6AL-4V Jjigged Titanium integral frame
🔺 M390 Blade @62RC with cryo and triple temper
🔺 Dual Jigged Titanium Thumblugs
🔺 Custom Jigged Pivot and Screw with matching driver
🔺 Precision hardened stainless pivot bushing with phosphor bronze washers
🔺 Jigged Pocket Clip
🔺 Hidden Signature
🔺 3.5 OZ
🔺 Handle Length: 4.25"
🔺 Blade Length: 3.3"
🔺 Overall Length: 7.55"


Drawing Info:

🔺 Ends SUNDAY, March 1st at 7:00pm EST
🔺 Knife includes; tool, certificate, cloth, knife bag and box

To enter -
    🔻 Email: Michael@michaelraymondknives.com (please title your email STARLIT DRAWING)
Include in email -
🔻 Full name
🔻 Telephone number
🔻 Mailing zip code

   🔺 Winner will be chosen by a random number generator
🔺Payment can be sent through bank wire, personal check, or other discussed method
 🔻Knife will be shipped once payment has cleared